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May 25, 2016

I've been through significant loss the past month or so.  Plans change, people die, leave or move on, ....change happens, and it can leave in it's wake the terrible aftermath of loss. In those moments of trying to deal and adjust, one thing I know is that time rolls forward...."The Healing Hands of Time" the name of a song, and a truism. I'm counting on that to be enacted on my behalf over the next....however long it takes me to adjust.  And as they say, one door closes, another opens. My future looks much different than it did a month ago.  In times of change, it's good to keep busy.  I've taken on several projects that are stretching me and taking me out of my comfort zone.  And it's all good.  


I'm also headed to California wine country in a couple weeks.  I'm traveling to Southern California (around San Diego area) with a business partner and we are going to visit little known, out of the way wineries.  We're working on a business idea that we think will really work.  I'm excited about the trip and hope that it brings some great discoveries and a pleasant time meeting new people.  Southern Cali does a lot of white wine which I'm looking forward to exploring. But I'm also curious about what the area offers for reds.

I've always been a red wine fan more than a white wine fan.  Which, I understand is a little different because a lot of women enjoy white over red.  However, years ago, when I traveled to Napa Valley California, I returned from that trip with a much deep appreciation for white wine.  I finally "got it" in ways I hadn't before. This experience, among many others, has repeatedly brought to my attention how social wine is.  There I was, continually refusing white wine, but when I became immersed in the "whole" experience of it, my palate actually changed to enjoy these varietals.  This is why I've come to believe that wine is much more than just tasting the wine.  Drinking wine is a sensual experience.  It engages smell, sight, taste, touch, and emotions. I've never met anybody who gets teary eyed when talking about a cocktail, but I've had multiple experiences where someone gets teary eyed talking about an experience where they had a bottle of wine that they shared and I've listened to them relate the minutiae of details that made the experience memorable.  It's always focused around "this wine I had".  It's fascinating.  And I think the most attractive thing about it is that people share with me something that touches them deeply and that they're passionate about.

So, Southern Cali, here I come. I'd like to find magic but if I don't, I'll, at least, come home with a sunburn. Summer 2016 Excursions!