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​                 Wine Guide

As an end consumer buying wine, you need to understand a few basic when making a buying decision.  The "Professionals" definitely have credibility when it comes to their ratings on wine.  I listen and learn from them.  But I do not allow pricing to dictate my enjoyment of the wine.  YOUR PALATE IS KING, every time.  I kinda pride myself on the fact that I can enjoy a $10 bottle of wine AND a $100-$150 (etc) bottle of wine.  It does not deter me like affordable wines.  And it shouldn't deter you.  I posted a wine today, it's a Shiraz, that is at $11.99 price point.  And it made Wine Spectator's top 100 list.  You can get free shipping with this wine.  This constitutes a perfect situation for buying and trying a wine.  I look for these kind of deals and have had a LOT of success with buying them. 


Okay..... a question for you, reader.  If you could have access to expensive wines any time you wanted, would that be the ONLY kind of wine you would choose to drink?  Think about it.  I'd love to get your feedback.  You can sign up to follow my site and e-mail me.  I'm working a more dynamic site than I have here and am looking forward to it's launching in a month or so.  Until then, we can dialogue via e-mail if you'd like.