I've just gotten back from a trip to Southern California to the Ramona AVA wine region, and in general the area around Sand Diego.  Interesting, enlightening experience.  The best part was meeting with wine makers and hearing their experiences.  These people are passionate, hardworking, savvy, amazing people.  At each interview I met a person who loves the world of wine and wants to share it.  I'm sitting across from Susanne, the owner of Vineyard Grant James and I felt I was meeting a good friend for the first time.  She talked about her journey that led her to making wine.  I was struck by her dedication to her dream, the REAL person she is, and the lovely hospitality given our Winery Guild Team.  I wanted to sit on her patio and drink wine with her and talk about...everything.  Thank you Susanne for the interview and the great time.

Vineyard Grant James makes a Sangiovese that is delicious.  I brought a bottle back home with me and pair it with Steak Oscar.  It was a GREAT pairing.  I was surprised because I did't think Sangiovese would pair with such an elegant dish. It did! Now, a little fact I was reading the other day about Sangiovese...  American Sangiovese tends to be a bit "bigger" with softer acidity.  So that translates into the color being darker, and more rich fruit on the palate than it's sister Italian varietal.  Try it! if you haven't.  And I definitely recommend Vineyard Grant James's Sangiovese.  Delicious!

June 28, 2016

MS Ellie's

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