MS Ellie's

​                 Wine Guide

Don't be intimidated by your novice-ship.  It's an awesome place to be because you have an exciting adventure you're embarking on.  Go You!

You'll find a few basics of wine information on my site that will help you understand what you're drinking, how to choose wine, and, hopefully, pique your interest in exploring and buying wine.  Also, if you'll follow me, you'll learn how to buy wine as an end consumer, whether it's online or in a store.  There are so many wines in the world, that if you started right now and tasted one a day, you wouldn't put a dent in tasting all there is.  For me, that is an exciting aspect of wine!  So, explore with me the absolutely amazing world of wine.

All About the Basics

If you're here, it means you're wanting to begin your journey learning about wine, or you already have an interest and want to learn more.  Welcome. I'm delighted you're here.

In my own journey with wine, the biggest lesson I've learned is to trust my own palate. I'm the one drinking the wine so naturally, I get to decide what my palate likes.  With that said, the next biggest lesson I've learned is to "push" my palate. That's part of the fun of wine, to find and try new "little gems", (as I call them). 

The internet makes available an expansive variety of wine.  Because of this, I have the opportunity to explore wines I would otherwise never purchase.  And therefore, I get to expose my palate to a wider range of flavors, experience the world regions through the wine, and my palate gets to broaden it's sensory ability to enjoy the many nuances wine has to offer. With these two lessons, came my epiphany of the world of wine.  At some point, everyone was a novice.