What do you do on a Sunday afternoon with "nothing to do"?  Of course..drink wine!  Yes, it's Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting in my kitchen with late afternoon sun slanting through the kitchen door curtain and yellowing leaves splashed as a backdrop from the adjacent bay windows. The "fallish" feeling in the air is soothing and I'm happy that the sun is still suffusing it's warmth and vibrance this late in the year.  It's quiet, no one around.  And I've decided to try some of the wines I've purchased lately.  ...Which to choose...which to choose...a sparkling Rosé from France, NV Jean Vulpine Brut, a still Granite Lion Cellars Rosé, a Rugby and Wine Hooker Merlot or a Chaix Cabernet Sauvignon?  Happy Sunday ya'll. *Cheers*

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