Today, I woke with the thought in mind of how wine is so indicative of life.   Take, for example, some of the best wines in the world.  They are dry farmed.  In fact, it's considered "a crime" to irrigate the vines.  The lack of water forces the vine's roots to dig deep to find nutrients and water, therefore promoting a strong root system.  Less water makes for more pungent, dense flavored grapes.  And so the LACK of water actually makes the vines stronger, more vibrant, and the wine that comes from these grapes is superior.  So it seems to be with life.  We go through times of deep struggle, deprivation, and pain.  And it's these moments, days, and years that forge a person with strength, compassion, insight, and ability to connect with fellow human beings.  THIS is another reason I love wine.  It goes through rigorous process to produce a final product that is beautiful in expressions of where it came from and the forging it endured to be a "great" wine.  

I've been silent for a bit.  Life gets crazy and real.  But, with all that, I woke today, feeling grateful for it all, and with this analogy in my head.  Tonight, I'll be celebrating nothing but the end of the week with a friend.  I'll be contributing my hands as cook help and a bottle to the occasion (still deciding which one). I'm happy to be able to have these simple joys to look forward to.  I hope, reader, that wherever you are, you have these same joys that feed your life.  Peace out.

MS Ellie's

​                 Wine Guide

May 5, 2016