April 2, 2016

Every year Spring is a glorious occurrence.  It's literally like emerging from the cocoon.  I must be Vitamin D deprived, which is the same as being sun deprived.  I have fantasies of laying on a rock, buck naked, sunning until I'm lobster red, and then repeating it the very next day.  And of course...there's always some kind of wine to accompany any occasion.  I think the perfect pairing would be a nicely chilled bottle of French Champagne.  Yup. Strawberries, Raspberries, and some hard aged cheese.

I needed the warm weather, sun and all the lovin' that was so freely given.  Being a mother is highly rewarding, but so is being an Aunt.  I visited a couple of my favorite nephews (shhh, yes ok, they're all my favorite) there and was so well taken care of and had such kindness and endearing love given me that by the time I was on my way back home I felt rejuvenated.

In the course of the weekend, I had the privilege of sharing a bottle of Chandon with them and a couple other friends.  I wasn't sad about that at ALL.  ;)  Plus I was treated to an evening of Chandon as my preferred drink.  Haha... you know, I like to party as well as the next person, and hanging out with my nephews was a rush.  However, I realized that I'm not as young as I'd like to think I am.  I haven't partied all night like that in years!  But Life has taught me that, sometimes when moments present themselves, live them.  And so, I did.  I stayed up all night with my nephews and their friends, drank Chandon, "clubbed", had a few moments of "drama" that gave me a good laugh and went to sleep knowing I was going to pay for all the fun over the next couple days.  And it was worth it.  And as I said, as I drove back home at the end of the weekend, I felt so loved and cared for my nurture barometer was filled.  It'll be a great memory and every time I drink Chandon.  And THIS is a perfect example of emotional association with wine.  *Cheers*

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