I'm at the M Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I was laying in my hotel bed this morning, having slept in, and was contemplating whether to stay there all day or get up and find a cup of coffee.  The room was almost completely darkened and my thoughts were meandering along similar paths.  I'm turning 48 in a few days.  I'm okay with the number of years I've seen.  I've earned my age.  And I wouldn't go back to 20-something for anything.  But life goes through challenging cycles.  2016 has brought me some challenges.  And I was laying in my bed this morning wondering if I'm meeting these adequately enough, fear and anxiety were pressing like a weight on me.  As I was laying there with my sodden, heavy thoughts, my phone dings with a text message.  I contemplated whether to pick it up or not. And decided to.

...It was a text from a friend.  A young man I know who is, at the moment, traveling in Europe.  He texted me to tell me that he was sitting drinking wine in Florence, Italy at that moment and was thinking of me.  Among other endearing sentiments he expressed, he thanked me for "bringing so much class and culture to our community".  This touched me deeply.  And my cloudiness lifted and I got up to go find coffee. Isn't friendship and human connection wonderful?  And at the oddest moments, when you feel most alone, light finds you.  Thank you friend.


I'm presently sitting in the coffee lounge at the M drinking a hot latte and people watching.  It's one of my favorite things to do in a busy public place.  Vegas is an often sought "destination" for those wanting to vacation.  I live 2-3 hours away and can come any time I want so I probably take it a bit for granted.  But I really don't get why it's such a "hot, sought after" destination.  I don't like the casino scene.  Every once in a while, it's nice to go to a show and catch a few drinks and a nice dinner.  But the gambling, the atmosphere, the scramble for "glitz", big money walking around, fake boobs, swaggering men, ...it's a part of Vegas I just don't like.  To come hang out in a casino all day playing slots or the tables just doesn't cut it for me. But, I admit, I'm in town to go to The Australian Bee Gees tonight.  I'll put on my "sparkle", slip on the little black dress, black heels, slather on the lip gloss, pop a bottle of champagne before show time, and definitely enjoy myself.  One thing that can be said for Vegas is FUN, plan on having it....Oh, and shopping.  If you decide to come to Vegas, plan on shopping to go with the gambling.  You won't regret it. And I find I have something left after my efforts.


On that note... since shopping is a must, I'll be shopping wine. My birthday's coming up and besides, I can't go into the holiday season ill prepared.  It just won't do, will it?  ;)  There's a few bottles I've been wanting to check out so....  Wish me luck and happy shopping.  *Cheers*

September 7, 2016

October 12, 2016

MS Ellie's

​                 Wine Guide

This coming Friday our Winery Guild team is doing a wine tasting with the wines I purchased from the Beach House Winery in Oceanside California.  We'll be tasting their Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.  Kim and George are hospitable, friendly, open and love making wine and educating others about it. I'll do a follow up article after the tasting.  I'm excited to be introducing this winery to you all.  This is a definite visit if you find yourself in the Oceanside Cali area.  Kim and George have built a beautiful, quaint property that offers a respite away from the busy hubbub of the Cali coast.  George knows what he's doing when it comes to red wine.  I had such a delightful few hours visiting and gleaned some great information about the area and challenges of making wine in the Southern California wine regions.  Thank you George and Kim for the interview and for hosting such a pleasant time!  *Cheers*!