February 1, 2016

MS Ellie's

​                 Wine Guide

Winter is always a "dark" time for me.  It's cold, dreary, and the freezing temperatures and bare world seem to last and last.  I go to work as the sun is barely peeking over the mountains and I arrive back home when the sun is down.  It's something for me every year, like a sort of challenge, to get through the seeming unending drab, grey months.

Today, I don't have much to say about wine.  Even though I enjoyed a few very nice bottles over the weekend, beginning with a 1993 Napa Valley Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon and a 1989 Raymond Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (or here).  My thoughts are more with the issues of the heart.  And if I were, at this moment, sharing a glass of wine with you, and since it's the beginning of the "month of love"...this is what I would be saying:

"Welcome February. It's an icy, snowy morning. And a bitter north-easterly wind blows, biting, with no regard, through the warm protection of scarves and gloves. My heart would be a winter waste...a reflection of the bitterness of deep winter, if I didn't have the love that connects my heart to those I so deeply adore. Sometimes I have a freeze frame moment of clarity and gratitude. I know that without love, the giving and the receiving of it, I am nothing.

My daughter left a hand drawn note for me on my bedroom dresser, which I found this morning as I was leaving for work. I am overcome at the dearness of her...her loving of me.
Children have no worldly possessions to bestow upon those they love, so they give what they have... such as pictures they've painted, a note they've written (because they can now write), a piece of their snack treat, hugs, kisses, snuggles..they have so much love inside it spills out and flows freely to everyone they come in contact with. What greatness of love in these small acts! Oh, that I could love as unfettered as a child! The love I receive from another's heart is a gift I hold as most precious and sacred. I feel so very blessed to have the gift of another's heart...and lucky that I'm loved."