MS Ellie's

​                 Wine Guide

Merlot is well known, even to the most novice wine drinker.  It is the worlds most popular red wine and is one of the important varietals in Bordeaux blends.  Merlot is likable, appealing, and versatile. It offers ripe, dark fruit flavors, soft tannins and supple texture to blends.  I've always enjoyed Merlot and lately, am enjoying exploring it's complexities of expression in the French wines I drink.

Tasting Profile:

  • Aromas:  Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Current, Oak Cedar, Smoke, Vanilla, Spice,  Pepper, Coffee, Tabacco, Earth, Herbs
  • Flavors:  Strawberry, Cherry, Plum, Raspberry, Current, Oak, Cedar, Smoke, Vanilla, Spice, Pepper, Chocolate, Coffee, Tobacco, Earth, Herbs