"I think it is a great error to consider a heavy tax on wines as a tax on luxury.  On the contrary, it is a tax on the health of our citizens."  ~Thomas Jeffereson

If you're a wine drinker, there's many reasons to drink this wonderful elixir, and an elixir it is. Besides being a delicious and delightful experience to share with friends and loved ones, wine provides many health benefits.  I don't need too much of an excuse to open a bottle.  But if anyone is wondering if wine is something they should integrate into their daily life, here are few (very good) reasons:

1 -  Metabolic booster/fat burner

2 -  "Quickens your wits"

3 -  Good for your heart

4 -  Good for your lungs

5 -  Fights the common cold

6 -  And ladies...it increases your libido!

For me, #6 is the best reason to drink a couple glasses.  ;)  Hehe, but seriously....who needs a "reason" to drink wine?  Not me.  However, it's nice to know that my drink of choice is so beneficial.  Follow the links below for more in-depth "health reasons to drink wine".

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​                 Wine Guide

YEARS ago, when "all" I knew about wine was that I didn't really like it, I also knew that wine LOOKED as if I should like it.  Just the way the wine clings to and runs in rivulets down the glass is intriguing.  And a deep red wine cries to be sipped, with it's intense color and bouquet. Or bubbles in a sparkling wine that tantalize, hundreds of miniature globules twinkling and bursting in the glass, enticing the viewer to become the drinker.  However, back then, every time, when the flavors of the wine flooded my mouth, I always experienced disappointment because I couldn't ever taste what my brain anticipated I should taste.  Red wine always seemed too tart, white and sparkling too biting on the tongue.  Then, one day, frustrated because I knew I had to "get through it" to be polite to my host who had served me up, I sat holding a glass of red wine, contemplating my predicament.  As I traversed the conversation in my head, I became aware that my expectations for the flavors I wanted the wine to give me were vastly different than the actual flavors that resided there.  I decided in this moment to give myself over to experience the flavors that awaited me.  I sipped, swished, and swallowed.  Each ritual sip washed away some of my long held resistance until my palate began to register the layers of fruit, leather, and smoke hidden beneath the overt tannic/tartness of the first sip.  And there was my epiphany.  As bright and clear as learning to read, because, indeed, I had learned how to read wine.  Since that day, I haven't looked back.  My journey with wine has been such a satisfying, pleasurable, and sociable experience, that I wish it for everyone.  Herein is couched the inception of my passion for connecting with people through this medium.  I hope my blog finds likeminded friends world wide.

I call myself a "Zin Freak".  To me, Zinfandel is a completely "fun", always intriguing wine.  I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for the next "gem" of a find and great deal (meaning - quality/price ratio). There are so many different faces to this varietal that I, to date, haven't tired of its exploration. Zinfandel pairs well with many different foods, from beef to pasta, pizza to lamb, hearty salads and even some oriental flavors.  And it's wonderful with chocolate (the darker the chocolate, the better for me).  Zinfandel isn't considered an "age worthy" wine so you won't find it among the "Greats" of the wine world. There are plenty of higher price-range Zins however.  But for me, since my pocket book can't take the beating, I have to, usually, settle for something more affordable.  That's fine with me.  There are so many delicious bottles out there, I can cherry pick and am seldom disappointed.


A couple years ago, I got to be part of a Zinfandel/Cabernet Sauvignon tasting that evolved out of a bet between two friends.  The challenge between the two parties was:  ...that at the price point of $20, Zinfandel is predominately better quality than Cabernet Sauvignon.  The debate was lively and was settled only when a blind tasting was held to settle the matter.  The Zinfandel won out.  I was elated!  And, of course, TOTALLY agreed with the ratings.