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And…almost always, when wine is present, conversation happens.  An on going subject between me and my wine drinking friends is Cab vs Zin.  I’ve noticed in these conversations that it’s largely a man vs woman conversation, men being terribly sarcastic about Zin, women defending it, and conversely, men touting Cab as THE wine to drink and women saying…”hold on a minute, there’s lots and lots of other delicious wines out there that are just as worthy to drink”.  So, I decide to do a search on the male palate versus the female palate to see if this conversation is happening in the world at large.  What I found was a few interesting facts on the subject.  I’ve done a video which you can see here.  And it’s kind of a “score” for women.  In a man’s world, women have some pretty cool stuff endowed, including curves and more taste buds.  So, there’s scientific evidence to support my theory I’ve had for years that, men are much more narrow in their scope of wine drinking because they tend to drink what’s familiar, tried and true while women are more apt to explore and try new wines.  So, what a rewarding evening.  Great wine.  Great food.  Good friends….and great conversation.  How does it get any better than that?

It's that time of year when the children are back in school, the days are still hot and muggy (but not for much longer), and I'm still in shock that summer is waning to a close.  I'm not ready for long dark evenings, barren landscapes, and icy mornings.  Time moves on, as always.  And so it's nice that there are moments of pleasure and good things in the middle of the plethora of daily exigencies...the mundane as well as the challenges.  Wine can often give a bit of respite and enjoyment when sharing with friends and/or loved ones.  Sometimes the conversations that happen around sharing a bottle of wine are the absolute BEST.  I have particular moments that stand out vividly in my memory as some of the best moments because of a strong connection with a loved one...while we shared a bottle of wine. It's these moments spent in a mutually satisfying conversation that brings two people closer. It’s said "Love makes the world go round”.  And it’s true. 

Last night, I had a pairing of lamb chops and quinoa medley with a couple glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon at a friend's home.  It was delightful.  Sitting on her patio, watching the sun descend slowly below the horizon, the golden evening light reflecting on distant mountains, warm breezes tufting through sage brush, the panoramic sky bowled overhead, and jazzy background music playing along with chirping crickets and soft buzzing beetles.  Aaahh... Wonderful stuff.  Definitely a moment of "loving the moment you're in".  We decided to try Cab with lamb chops to see if it paired as well as Zinfandel. And, yes, it did!  I choose two different Cabs, wanting to see if both would pair well, or if one was better than the other.  Both Cabs did well, not only with the lamb chops but also with the quinoa medley.  The first Cab was Rodney Strong coming in at $23 at my local grocery store (I can get it for considerably less at and then a Sterling that was $24 at my local grocery store (almost the same price as online).