MS Ellie's

​                 Wine Guide

What is it that I love about wine?  One of the predominantly appealing aspects of wine, for me, is begs to be shared.  And I often think, there is nothing (well....sometimes there is, but only on occasion) about wine that says "alone, self, just me".  Think about it.  When you contemplate drinking wine, isn't the predominant thought one of drinking it with a friend, or friends?  Cocktails and beer are different. Not that these aren't drunk with friends too, but seriously, when drinking wine every nuance speaks about sharing, plentitude, joy, and the goodness of Mother Earth given to us "mortals" in abundance through the many varied nuances in wine.  I always feel this connection between wine and Earth and consider myself blessed to have the capacity to enjoy this offering of Earth that she so freely gives.  This is why I love wine. This is why I want to share my experiences.  And, maybe in my sharing, joy will come to those who listen to me, and maybe a little better fulfillment of life, and maybe this common bond will be forged of gratitude for the abundance that surrounds us all.  The Earth, and it's fullness, manifested in this elixir given us by "The Gods".  Cheers.