MS Ellie's

​                 Wine Guide

I've always wanted to try wines from the Finger Lake region.  For all of you who don't much about the Finger Lake region, it's the "Original American Wine Region".  Yes.  Before California took the wine world by storm.  When my grandfather was young, the "prestigious" american wines came from that region and he knew and drank those wines.  I've lamented that he was too old to enjoy California wines when they came to their full potential and became known world wide.  He would have loved, not only drinking California wines, but exploring European wines as well.  He had a palate for it.  Anyway, so, it was this talk as a child that left me with curiosity about Finger Lake wines.  The problem is, I never see any selling on line or in the stores I frequent.  (I do admit, I haven't gone actively seeking.)  And since I haven't traveled to that area of the country, I've never tasted any wine from there. You can fuss with an interactive map of the region here.  So, the other day, I was in the State liquor store and saw a bottle, yes, a bottle of Finger Lake wine, Dr. Konstantin Frank, Cabernet Franc 2011 .  I was intrigued and decided to try it.  I chose to pair it with steak and a shallot/sherry/mushroom sauce to go beside the steak, along with steamed asparagus.  The pairing was delicious.  This Cabernet Franc was lighter in Pinot-ish.  It was deep bodied, plenty of fruit nuances and nicely balanced.  Along side the steak, it took on a little smokiness and the fruits in it opened up.  I would buy this bottle again to try it with another pairing.  It's difficult to find, however.  In the local liquor store, it was the last bottle of its kind.