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So, I promised a follow up about February "French Night".  I do believe the evening was a hit. To give you some background on what we're doing:

Each person (we have 8) in the group has a turn to host the occasion in their home and along with that, plan the menu. The only stipulation on the menu is that it should be authentic French recipes. And then, we drink only French wines...and we're working on "the only French music" theme.  (I know, our barbaric American tastes!)

This evening was spent at a friend's. Her husband was gone for the evening so she asked me to help with the menu plan.  She chose a caramelized onion puff pastry appetizer and a dessert crepe.  I chose a poached egg and bacon salad and the main dish of Lobster pot pie, again with a puff pastry crust, and  yes, we made the puff pastry from scratch.  My friend has an old, quaint little home, quite humble in it's beginnings and still has that feel.  Which in my opinion, added to the charm of the evening.  Simple with the table setting with a more rustic menu, the nuance of the evening was very homey and relaxed with delicious "comfort" food.  And, of course, wine... French wine... and plenty of it.  We started with a NV Diamant de Loire Brut and a Philippe Dublanc Blanc de Blancs NV, both French sparkling wines.  And then opened a 2014 Domaine Bonnard Pouilly Fumé (Sauvignon Blanc) with the appetizer. I saved a little of my Diamant de Loire because I wanted to see how it paired with the caramelized onions and pastry.  It paired delightfully, much better than the Pouilley Fume. In fact, for me, was one of the best parings of the evening.  We had a 2012 Poulleau Père & Fils Côte Beaune and a Louis Latour Pinot Noir Bourgogne 2011 (In American terms, both Pinots) with the salad and then several Bordeaux: 2012 Château Frédignac Cuvée,  2012 La Réserve de Malartic,  2012 Chateau Teyssier Grand Cru, and  2010 Le Jas des Papes with the Lobster pot pie.  My favorites were the Château Frédignac Cuvée and the Le Jas des Papes.  We ended with delicious French pressed coffee with the crepes.

One of the things I love about French cooking is that very often simple ingredients are used to produce an absolute delicious recipe.  I'll never be a professional chef, let alone a professional FRENCH chef.  But my parents were amazing cooks so I grew up enjoying a great diversity of food.  And today I consider that one of the wonderful gifts my parents gave to me.  

My next little excursion is to produce a French music play list. If there's anybody French reading this, I would love to receive recommends.  You can send them to  I would LOVE input! 

....And there you have it.  Ms Ellie's February excursion.  *Cheers*

February 23, 2016