MS Ellie's

​                 Wine Guide

The majority of Bordeaux and Meritage blends made in the United States are made up of three wine varietals - Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot.  Cabernet Franc is highly underrated and should be given more attention.  It's used in some of the most sought after wines in the world and lends itself well in rounding out and softening flavors of a blend.  On it's own, Cab Franc has given me a few pleasant surprises which led to my conclusion that it's underrated.  Don't get me wrong, Cabernet Franc isn't the varietal that Cabernet Sauvignon is.  Straight up, it lacks the power and structure of Cab. However, in my experience it's a wonderfully quaffable wine that lands in the realm of a Pinot or Gamay in both color and flavor palate.

 Tasting Profile:

  • Aromas:  Berry, Cherry, Tabacco, Herbs, Spices, Violets
  • Flavors:  Berry, Pepper, Floral, Plum, Cassis, Spice, Fresh Herbs