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fend the poor varietal!  I told him, "Hey, I consider myself a Zin Freak and I won't apologize for that!"  He asked me why I liked Zinfandel.  I explained my experience with the varietal.  How Zinfandel is so versatile, pairing well with a plethora of foods.  And, because Zinfandel doesn't usually cellar long, the price for good Zinfandel is kept lower than other varietals, therefore making it affordable.  I explained that the various ways Zinfandel is made produces vastly different flavors and so you get your "fruity" Zins and your peppery Zins and then often the affordable Zins provide a quality, enjoyable drinking experiences.  He still insisted that Zinfandel is usually "just shit".  Now, I like to respect the everyone's individual palate.  If someone enjoys a bottle of Barefoot White Zinfandel, I support them in their preference.  So, I support this Guy, John in his palate preference to Cabernet Sauvignon.  His palate PREFERS Cabernet. And that's good. That does not mean I'm stupid because my palate enjoys Zin.  (My palate happens to enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel...etc..etc..)  And when a Cab is well made, whether at a $10 - $15 - $20 or higher price's heaven to drink.  But it's that way for WELL MADE WINE, period.  And don't get me wrong, I am NOT dissing on Cabernet Sauvignon!  After all, Cabernet Sauvignon is the KING of grape varietals.

*BIG GRIN*  Okay..sooooo....
The gist of the conversation was this:  

favorite bottles...not to appear fickle or anything but...there's so much GREAT WINE OUT THERE!)  So...a couple hours later, we'd enjoyed the Zinfandel and BV Tapestry and the Pine Ridge was being sipped and savored..and discussed.  This Guy, John had made several jabs at me about Zinfandel and finally commented that he didn't like Zinfandel.  I asked if I had made a mistake by sharing with him the Zin I brought and he says, "Oh, no. That was good." This sparked a conversation between us about Cabernet and Zinfandel.  (I'm thinking, "I've had this argument before...with other people!)  With him insisting that almost any bottle of Cabernet is better than a bottle of Zinfandel.  He insulted Zinfandel quite roundly and so what could I do but de-

We made a bet.  He said that a $15 to $20 Cabernet Sauvignon was better quality for price than a Zinfandel that cost double.  I argued that a $15 to $20 bottle of Zinfandel would beat the Cab at that same price in quality and drinking experience.  That's how the bet developed.  I said, "Let's test it!"  We agreed to do a blind tasting.  He would bring the Cabernet and I would bring the Zin.  He will let me know what price he paid for the bottles he brings and I will purchase Zins that double that price.  Bet on, deal done...spit, handshake and all that.  I'll be doing a blind tasting and posting the results, pictures 'n all.  Keep your eyes peeled for an update.  (And any of my friends reading this... Hey guys! I might need help buying some bottles of Zinfandel!  Wanna come to a blind tasting?)  

able to go until after I was finished with work and my daily workout, so I arrived (rather late) at 7:30. My sister told me that people were bringing their drink of choice. By the time I got there everyone had had plenty of sparkling wine, white wine and beer. (I was definitely "behind the times".) The menu was cheese, bread and caprese salad. So, naturally, I brought a red wine....Zinfandel to be exact.  It was an Elyse, Korte Ranch 2007 Zinfandel. Delicious!  I shared it with several people, including this Guy, John.  He said he liked it.  And the others who had a glass expressed how much they liked it.  This Guy, John had brought a couple bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pine Ridge 2012.  Delicious also!!  (I always say there's nothing that beats a well made Cab.)  Anyway, I also brought a Beaulieu Vineyards Tapestry, 2011, which is a red blend. One of my favorite bottles.  (I have many, many

I was at a party for my sister.  She hosted an all day "open house" event and invited her children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters.  I wasn't