Okay....maybe you're wondering why I'm putting higher end wines up lately.  I learned years ago that when I'm making a decision to buy wine, I first have to determine how much I will spend.  Once that is established, I then decide how many bottles I want for the amount I'm willing to spend.  It really helps with the decision process.  Trefethen Cab is a GREAT wine.  I first tasted it years ago, and have had it several times since then...and then again just recently.  You won't be disappointed.   It's not heavy oak and it's balanced with all the Cab elements you're looking for.  And the price is good!

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Here is a wine a friend asked me if I could find for her.  Apothic Red is not a wine I would buy. I don't like it. However, it's a wine that is a favorite of a few friends of mine so I will not diss on it too terribly.  It's too sweet for me...and lacks the that certain ...."je ne sais quoi".. that I look for in wine. But, this is an example of an easy drinking, "young" wine, meaning ready to drink now and not "age worthy".  You can find at various places for a really affordable price.  I put up an alternate link because Total Wines has it for a great price if any of my local friends have anyone in Vegas who would be willing to pick some up for you.  It's also at our local grocery store, but it's not this price.  Enjoy!