is delicious. I've been a fan of Dry Creek Vineyards for a long time.  And this bottle didn't disappoint.  However, if the pairing could be compared to a photo bomb, I would say it was a pretty epic one.  It JUST DIDN'T WORK. Plain and simple. End of story.  And, I was out a good bottle that I could have had a much better experience with at a different time. So, a word to 

I admit, I kinda like Pinterest.  And yes, I actually DO use it for things besides "just pinning".  So, along those lines, a bit ago while pinning, I found a prosciutto wrapped chicken recipe that looked delicious. (Yes, you'll need to scroll a bit to get to the actual recipe, but it's worth it.)  The recipe said to pair it with Pinot Gris and I had a bottle (Benton Lane Pinot Gris 2012) so it was a done deal.  Nora and I "cheffed" the recipe together last night, and it WAS delicious.  Also, the pairing with the Pinot Gris was perfect.


Now, I'm a red wine fan.  For years, I've made no bones about it.  I'm always up for red wine.  So I thought some Zinfandel would be great to pair with the dish as well....loosely interpreting that Zinfandel and Primitive (an Italian varietal) are from the same stock, and the dish is Italianish... so therefore Zinfandel should pair well, right? Besides, Zinfandel can be quite versatile, right?  I know what you're thinking.."HOW did she extrapolate this pairing from THAT?"  Well, I can't explain how my brains works sometimes.  Blame it on the fact that I'm a Zin Freak and...the bottom line was, I just wanted to open this particular bottle.  (Yes, I should exercise more self discipline, especially when drinking an above $25 bottle.)  Anyway, so, this bottle of Zin comes from Dry Creek Vineyard.  It's an old vine Zin and one that I've been looking forward to drinking.   Well, drink it I did.  This wine, drunk by itself, 

MS Ellie's

​                 Wine Guide

opportunities.  Do I regret I opened the bottle?  Yeah, kinda. But I'd prefer to get it wrong sometimes thannot explore and learn.  What I've learned is to be cautious if I have a bottle that I have high anticipation opening.  I try to create a great experience around a bottle like that.  So, learn the balance between branching out and preserving your nicer bottles for "proper pairings".  This will allow you the flexibility to "stumble upon" some really great pairings. So, break out that bottle and forge on.  Wine lovers adventures continue!  *clink*

the wise...  Not all pairings are going to be optimal.  You'll have some that are quite disappointing.  I know, I biffed it this time and have biffed a few others too.  BUT, don't allow this to deter you from being creative and exploring the plethora of pairing