In this day and age, where everything imaginable is at your finger tips as the "end consumer", there are unlimited choices for where you choose to put your money.  You as the customer have the power to influence what will be offered. I often choose wine as a place to put my money.  I have a passion for wine, but also for quality wine and quality of service given to me when I'm buying it.  The very people who make it all possible is....the end consumer. After all, it's the people DRINKING the wine that determine the demand for wine.  As one such person, I want honest, genuine service that makes me feel valued and appreciated.  I also want a continuity of experience where I get to look forward to experiencing the joy of sharing a great bottle with a friend/friends.  Whether it's a $10 bottle or a $100 bottle is not the central point.  Don't settle for subpar service OR subpar wine.

MS Ellie's

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