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Today, I was at the bank doing some business for Ms Ellie's Wine.  I had such a pleasant experience chatting with the lady who helped me.  Even though I was there "on business" the most exciting part of the transaction was speaking with this nice person.  She was curious about what exactly I do in my business.  I explained I want to help people learn about wine in a way that isn't intimidating or embarrassing, and offer them a way to access a plethora of affordable, delicious wines.  After speaking with her for a few minutes, I told her that she fits the exact demographic of people I'm trying to help. She doesn't like beer, and when she goes to parties, often it's a choice between beer or wine.  She always chooses wine.  She doesn't know much about wine, (but is willing to learn).  I told her that the world of wine can be a rather daunting place for those who don't know anything.  Not only daunting because of the overwhelming amount of stuff you don't know, but intimidating because you feel stupid you don't know much.  I don't think it's an intention of those who know about wine to make those who don't feel stupid, but it's a real thing.  One of the things I'm working to do is break down barriers and bridge the gap between the "wine world" and the average guy/gal out there who wish to understand more about this beverage.  Wine is a FUN world.  It also seems to bring a certain nuance to an occasion that is a bit more sophisticated. So, today, I got to have a great moment while getting some work done.  Thank you to my bank.  And THANK YOU to the nice lady who chatted with me and gave me a BIG affirmation that what I'm doing here has value and "reaches" people. Here's to changing your view of wine, one conversation at a time.  *Cheers*